Why Are My Eyes So Dry?


Our eyes are constantly lubricated by tears, even when we aren’t crying tears of joy or despair. This lubrication is essential for protecting the eye from debris and allowing the eyelid to glide comfortably over the surface of the cornea.


The condition known as Dry Eye is often the result of a lack of adequate tear film. In many cases dry eye is the result of a poor functioning gland known as the meibomian gland. This tiny gland located on the rim of the eyelid is responsible for supplying oil to the surface of the eye. When this balance is disrupted and the meibomian gland becomes blocked or produces less oil, the tear film which keeps our eyes well lubricated starts to evaporate.


Less tear film results in eye irritation, which can often be described as itchy, gritty, sore and bothersome. Many pharmacies and adverts promise a quick fix to your dry eye problems, however it’s of the utmost importance to have your Dry Eye assessed by one of our Optometrists.


Optical World Elsternwick and Optical World Ashburton have the latest in optical equipment to assess and treat your dry eye problems. We BULK BILL through Medicare and have many options to treat your Dry Eye including supplements, eye drops and clinical treatments.


To learn more about what Optical World can do to treat your Dry Eye, please call us or book an appointment online to speak with one of our experienced staff members or Optometrists.


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22 Nov, 2017



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