Innovations in the Optical industry have led to the creation of Multifocal Lenses. These lenses are an improvement on Bifocal Lenses of the past. At Optical World, Melbourne, our team of highly qualified and experienced dispensing staff can reveal to you the advantages and benefits of switching to and owning a pair of multifocal lenses.

Optical World also boasts one of the largest range of spectacle frames in Melbourne, and we are confident that we can find a frame to suit your multifocal lenses and your unique style.

Why Would I Need to Wear Multifocal Lenses?

Often when people cross the age of 40, they realise that it is getting harder and harder to read fine printed material (such as newspapers, menus, phone screens and more), and to see long distance. Often it becomes tiresome switching between two pairs of glasses for two different vision corrections.

It’s beneficial for most individuals to switch to wearing Multifocal Lenses as both your distance and near vision can be combined into one multi-purpose lens. Never again will you need to take two pairs of glasses with you when you’re out and about, you’ll enjoy the benefits of one pair for your everyday needs.

What are some advantages of wearing a Multifocal Lens as opposed to the older Bifocals and Trifocals?

When compared to the older Bifocal or Trifocal lenses, Multifocal lenses provide a much clearer and a more natural approach to correcting Presbyopia.

Multifocal lenses serve several cosmetic advantages such as:

  • Not letting people know your age as compared to the quite obvious bifocal lenses that have clear lines of distinction.
  • A great range of designer and non-designer frames available for you to choose from only at Optical World.
  • Multifocal lenses have three zones on each lens. The Distance zone at the very top, the Intermediate zone around the centre and the Near zone at the very bottom of the lens.
  • These lenses allow a very natural transition of gaze for the users. For instance, if you’re working at the computer and have to refer to some paperwork while you’re at it. You could view the computer screen through the intermediate zone, and at the same time shift your gaze slightly to the near zone to read the keyboard or your paperwork/notes.
  • The corridor of optimum lens power is the area on the lens that is responsible for allowing the natural transition of gaze from one focal area to another.
  • Setting up the Corridor:

    There is a corridor of optimum lens power on each multifocal lens. This corridor is custom made for each user according your measurements. After taking the measurements, the corridor is set up in just about the right location so that your eyes can adjust to different distances with ease.

    The design and technology of multifocal lenses has eliminated the problem of “image jump”. Due to this phenomenon the image that your eyes see can be perceived to be jumping as the eyes transition between the distinct areas of focus on bifocal lenses.

    However, due to the tricky nature of adapting to Multifocal lenses, it can take anywhere between an hour to a few days to adjust. Therefore, it is very important to be fitted with such lenses only after receiving expert advice and guidance. At Optical World we offer free after care services so that you can transition easily into your new progressive lens.

    To know more about Multifocal lenses or to set up an appointment with one of our staff members, please call on 03 9532 8033 or 03 9885 6257.

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