Optical World has a wide range of top quality contact lenses to provide you with optimum comfort and best vision at a competitive and low price. Our lenses come from the world's largest and most reputable suppliers, (don't get caught with imitations or fake lenses).

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are easier and more comfortable to wear than ever before due to advanced technology, design and materials. Now that multifocal and bifocal contact lenses are available, people of all ages, (from the very young to the more mature customers) can enjoy the benefits of contact lenses.

Expand Your Vision

There are many contact lenses available today including daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly lenses, also including continuous wear lenses you can even sleep in overnight.

We also supply coloured contact lenses in a variety of colours, thus changing the way you look.

Contact Lenses - For The Times When You Would Rather Not Wear Your Glasses

With so many different options available our Optometrists can advise you of the best option to suit your everyday needs.

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Benefits of Contact Lenses to you.

  • Contact Lenses give you all round vision as they are not restricted by the thickness of the lens or frames.
  • You'll experience clear vision, comfort and convenience.
  • They are ideal for people who play sports, and also provide a different look for those special occasions or events.

Free Trial Pair Offer

We know that many people would like to try contact lenses but are unsure if they would be suitable for them. Optical World eliminates this uncertainty by providing you with a free trial pair before you purchase.

Come in and let us show you the benefits of wearing Contact Lenses with our No Obligation Offer.

Type of Lenses:

  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Coopervision
  • CIBA/ALCON Vision
  • Australian Contact Lenses
  • Bausch and Lomb
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Multifocals
  • Bifocals
  • Coloured Contacts - change your eye colour and the way you look.


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