What Is Blue Light?


How long do you spend in front of a screen? Do you own a computer, television, smart phone or tablet?


There’s a good chance that you use many if not all of these devices on a daily basis as technology has become part of our daily lives. In fact we spend most of our day staring at a digital device.


We have only just started understanding the effects of Blue Light and have found that overexposure to this visible light can cause more harm than good. Blue Light waves are one of the shortest, highest energy wavelengths in the visible light spectrum. This blue light is capable of penetrating all the way to the retina, located at the back of the eye. Too much exposure of blue light can damage retinal cells, and some research has suggested that this puts us at a higher risk of developing Macular Degeneration.


The sun is the main source of natural blue light. Our bodies require blue light to regulate our natural wake and sleep cycles, however with the introduction of artificial blue light in the form of digital devices our sleep cycles are being disrupted, with many individuals complaining of insomnia, eyestrain and mental fatigue.


Optical World Elsternwick and Optical World Ashburton are dedicated to protecting the eyes of our patients. We offer a specialised Blue Light Coating which can applied to any lens of your choice. This advanced technology provides effective protection against blue light, and helps regulate your sleep patterns, mood and boosts brain activity. In addition to its protective properties, this coating is also resistant to smudges, scratches and dust.


To learn more about Blue Light and how Optical World can keep your eyes protected, call us or book an appointment online today to speak with a member of our Optical World Team.


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18 Aug, 2017



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