Spring Is In The Air: Hay Fever and Eye Allergies

Spring Is In The Air: Hay Fever and Eye Allergies

For many seasonal allergy sufferers, pollen often causes irritation of the eyes and eyelids. Eyes can often appear red with accompanying swollen, itchy eyelids. If these symptoms sound like something you might suffer from, you may potentially have what is known as allergic conjunctivitis.

Signs and symptoms include:

  • Itchy, red eyes and swollen eyelids.
  • Runny nose.
  • Sneezing and coughing.
  • Itchy nose, mouth and throat.
  • Headache from sinus congestion.

The average human blinks approximately 15,000 times a day, however during Spring pollen is still able to get in the eyes and cause irritation.

To avoid eye allergies at Optical World we recommend:

  • Washing your hands regularly to remove any pollen that you may have come in contact with during the day. Also avoid rubbing or touching the eyes with unclean hands.
  • Wear sunglasses, especially on windy Spring days. Wearing wrap-around sunglasses can also benefit in protecting your eyes from all angles during allergy season.
  • Closing all windows and reducing the amount of time spent outdoors. Wind coming through doors and windows can continue circulating small pollen particles that can irritate your eyes at night when you’re trying to sleep.
  • Using oral anti-histamines to prevent further irritations. Please consult your pharmacist prior to buying such products.

If you’re a regular contact lens wearer you might find that allergens can cause excessive tear production that can ultimately blur your vision or cause discomfort. We advise that you see your Optometrist if you experience these symptoms.

Come in and see one of our qualified Optometrists or experienced staff members at Optical World this Spring to see what products or advice we can give you to lessen your symptoms this season.

Call us or visit our website www.opticalworld.com.au to book a Bulk-Billed Eye Test today!

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14 Oct, 2015

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