Private Health Fund Members: Use It or Lose It!

Private Health Fund Members: Use It or Lose It!

2015 is nearing to a close and so is your private health fund benefits for the calendar year. If you haven’t claimed on optical in the last 12 months you might still be eligible to claim between $200-$300 on spectacles or contact lenses. Remember to use up your benefits before December 31st 2015 to receive your full entitlements and rebate.

You might get your glasses at no cost to you!

Now is the best time to shop for glasses at Optical World with our new Spring promotion.

Multi-Focal Glasses starting from $199 (includes selected frame and graduated lens).

Our RED HOT Special, at our lowest price ever, 2 pairs of glasses from $129 or 1 pair of glasses from only $89 (includes single vision lens & frames from our selected range).

At Optical World we do instant health fund rebates for your convenience. Come in today and see how much you can get back from your Private Health Fund with one of our friendly team members. We’ll be happy to give you a free quote.




17 Oct, 2015

Multi-Focal Glasses


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