Glaucoma Awareness Week : March 12-18, 2017


This month Optical World Elsternwick and Ashburton are recognising that from the 12th March to the 18th March will be Glaucoma Awareness Week.


Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide. This condition has affected over 300,000 Australians. Now more than ever Optometrists all across the country are raising awareness about Glaucoma this March and encouraging all patients over 40 or those individuals that have Glaucoma in their family to have yearly appointments with their Optometrist to diagnose Glaucoma in its early stages and to reduce its impact.


Glaucoma is a silent disease. This progressive disease is caused by increased pressure on the optic nerve at the back of the eye. Pressure can originate due to a blockage of the circulation of aqueous fluid or poor blood supply to the optic nerve.


Everyone is at risk of developing Glaucoma, however people in a higher risk category are those that;

– Have a family history of Glaucoma

– Have Diabetes

– Are aged 40 and over

– Have sustained a serious eye injury

– Have Hypertension

– Have taken Steroids over an extended period of time


At Optical World our tests for Glaucoma are 100% Bulk Billed through Medicare. We are able to detect this damaging eye condition in its early stages and offer many different methods of treatment and/or prevention.


At both Optical World stores we have the best equipment for monitoring Glaucoma such as computerised visual field analysers and retinal cameras. We do not charge for Glaucoma checks and are committed to providing BULK BILLED Eye Tests to all our clientele.


Call us today to arrange an appointment to have your eyes tested by one of our qualified Optometrists at Optical World Elsternwick or Ashburton.


Check Yearly, See Clearly


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(03) 9532 8033


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07 Mar, 2017



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