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The end of the Christmas holidays are fast approaching and your child is getting ready to go back to school. For some they may be starting school for the very first time or taking a giant leap into secondary schooling. As a parent we hope to see them excel in their education, however 1 in 4 children have vision problems that if undiagnosed can greatly impact their learning.


Children very rarely complain when it comes to vision issues as they are often unaware that they are seeing things differently to the rest of their peers. Undiagnosed vision problems can lead to learning difficulties, withdrawal from certain activities and a general sense of frustration. Sadly learning difficulties are often mistaken as a learning disorder so it is wise to have your child’s eyes examined by an optical practitioner before any assumptions can be made. Optical World Elsternwick and Ashburton BULK BILL ALL EYE TESTS and welcome any child from the age of 4 and above.


As part of our full consultation at Optical World your child will receive a thorough vision assessment and a comprehensive health check to diagnose any early stage eye conditions so that we may monitor them over the coming years.


We recommend that your child have their vision assessed prior to them attending school so that they may begin their education with corrective eyewear if it is required. Additionally if you notice any of the following signs such as; squinting when focusing on objects in the distance, difficulty seeing at night under low lighting conditions and consistently sitting close to the TV screen or holding books close to the face, irregardless of your child’s age we recommend having your child’s eyes examined as soon as possible.


At Optical World, if glasses are prescribed to your child, we have a large range of kid’s frames to fit both toddlers, young children and teenagers. If they are over the age of 16 they may also be a candidate for contact lenses. Optical World has very competitive prices on kid’s glasses and offers a 10% discount to all our young clientele. Don’t forget the Eye Test is Bulk Billed through Medicare, so there will be no cost to you to have your child’s vision assessed. Also, if you are a Private Health Fund Member your child may also be eligible to claim up to $300 in optical benefits. You could buy 2 Pairs of Glasses GAP FREE.


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10 Jan, 2017



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