Driving and Eye Strain - How You Can Avoid It

Driving and Eye Strain – How You Can Avoid It

Have you been protecting your eyes whilst you drive long distances? It is vital for your safety and the safety of your loved ones to protect your eyes from the intense UV rays that beam through your wind shield and windows. Whilst you might ensure that seat-belts have been clicked in and the airbags are functional, cruising the road without proper UV protection or without myopia corrective lenses can increase the risk of an accident on the road.

There are several measures one can take to ensure a comfortable driving experience by simply wearing a pair of sunglasses, or if required, prescription sunglasses. All our prescription sunglasses offer UV protection and have tinted or polarised coatings that we guarantee will protect your eyes and let you be at ease whilst driving under the harsh Australian sun.

Other methods to block out harmful UV rays in the car, such as using the sun visor or tinted car windows cannot provide protection from UV rays like a pair of glasses can. Prescription sunglasses or spectacles are always in close proximity of the eye and are in a position to provide comprehensive protection, i.e. block out UV rays from all directions. Visors can be a cluttered distraction and tinted windows can reduce vision at night time. Therefore, a pair of purpose built prescription sunglasses is the way to go.

Furthermore, we highly recommend you do regular eye check-ups to ensure that your vision meets the standards and requirements set by VicRoads. Book a Free Bulk-Billed Eye Test at Optical World today to see how we can improve your overall driving experience.

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18 May, 2016



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