Children and Their Vision

Children and Their Vision

Many children who appear to have learning disabilities may only be suffering from poor vision.

It is important to have your child’s vision checked regularly. At Optical World we advise to have your child’s eyes checked yearly, even if you do not observe your child having any difficulty in vision.

1 in 4 children may have vision problems that can affect their concentration, study, school performance and future self-esteem. As 80% of all learning in the first 12 years of their life is predominantly visual, any uncorrected vision problems can greatly affect their learning.

It is therefore vital that parents, teachers and eye care professionals work together to identify vision defects to obtain the best learning results.

Tell tale problem signs:

1. Books being held too close.
2. Headaches or complaints of sore eyes.
3. Frequent blinking or eye rubbing.
4. Loss of place when reading.
5. Confusing similar words.
6. Squinting to see clearly.
7. Concentrating too hard.
8. Becoming impatient when reading.

If glasses are required to correct your child’s vision, Optical World has a large selection of kid’s frames all at affordable prices.

Book your child in for an eye examination with one of our qualified Optometrists today. All tests are BULK BILLED through Medicare.




16 Sep, 2015

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