Anne Klein was an American designer whose work had once upon a time played a major role in defining the American fashion landscape with her eponymous brand. Her work had eventually resonated with women all over the world and spoke deeply about sophistication and utility in their lives.

Anne Klein Sunglasses:

Anne Klein’s sunglasses are worn by women who typically identify themselves as a modern day, successful women. A woman who is career oriented and takes a deeper interest in the image that she portrays, and a woman that is quality conscious.

The sunglasses by this designer are fit for women that are looking for a pair of sunglasses that are comfortable and practical, but are also sleek and fashionable. Recognised instantly to be sophisticated and revolutionary in their own ways.

The Anne Klein Brand:

Anne Klein is a designer label that is focused on an all-women market. The products include accessories, women’s wear, eyewear, legwear and our favourite, eyewear. Her designs have known to provide women with a means of self-expression and confidence. In recent times, all the designs reflect the original brand ethos, which is “We make classics fashionable.”

Inspirations of Anne Klein Sunglasses Design:

The sunglasses designed by Anne Klein under the sun wear collections have drawn inspirations from three ideas:

1.The Tortoise Collection

Under this collection, inspirations for designs have been derived from the numerous variations of the tortoise to create fresh designs that are held to be timeless classics and ring true with the Anne Klein sophistication.

2.The Leo Legacy Collection

This collection takes inspiration from the lion and celebrates the lion logo under the Anne Klein brand image. This collection further reinforces the ideal image of a woman who is ambitious, courageous and one who never backs down. These are the qualities of a lion that Anne Klein wanted to instil through this collection.

3.The Wild Eyes Collection

The Wild Eyes Collection aims to bring forward, primitive yet fashionable animal prints in a very different light. With varying textures, hues and materials, the Anne Klein label seek to design a feminine look in a wild style.

Frames by Anne Klein, Solutions by Optical World:

After you choose the ideal frame design from the wide range that is offered by the Anne Klein sun wear collection, here is how we can make it more suitable for you needs:

  • All sunglasses sold at Optical World are free from any kind of defects and are authentic.
  • We can fit your newly bought Anne Klein Sunglasses with prescription lenses, giving you the option of deciding the tint colour shade and density.
  • Women suffering from Presbyopia will not miss out on this collection. Optical World can fit your desired Anne Klein sunglasses with multifocal lenses.
  • A range of lens materials are available on offer to suit your varying requirements.
  • Apart from 100% UV protection, your new pair of Anne Klein sunglass lenses can also be fitted with an anti-reflective coating.

To know more about Anne Klein Sunglasses or to set up an appointment with one of our staff members.

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